Call for Papers and Posters extended to April 30: Frontiers in Archaeological Sciences 3: Rethinking the Paradigm

By: Rebecca Gerdes, 
Sun, 03/13/2022

CIAMS is pleased to announce the call for papers and posters for “Frontiers in Archaeological Sciences 3: Rethinking the Paradigm,” a conference for scholars of all career levels to be co-hosted at Cornell’s Ithaca campus on October 7-9, 2022 by the Archaeological Science Group at Cornell (ArchSci@Cornell), the CIAMS Anti-racism and Anti-colonialism (ARCO) Interest Group, and CIAMS. Please visit the conference website for more information. 

Call for Papers and Posters 

The ‘archaeological sciences’ today face a storm of controversies on scientific, archaeological, and ethical grounds, spanning the whole research process from project planning to interpretation and publication. Frontiers in Archaeological Science 3: Rethinking the Paradigm brings together scholars from diverse disciplines within archaeology to tackle these problems through lively discussion. Following the Frontiers in Archaeological Science conferences held in 2017 at Rutgers and in 2018 at Simon Fraser University, Frontiers 3 represents a departure from the previous conferences in this series. While preserving an interest in cutting-edge scientific techniques, this conference is focused on ethical and theoretical issues in archaeological science. We welcome presentations of new research or critical engagement with existing themes or datasets. This conference is a venue to discuss, confront, and reshape the role of the archaeological sciences in archaeology for a new generation. 

Topics for papers and posters include (but are not limited to): 

  • Health & inequality 
  • People & climate
  • Communicating archaeological science research (to the public; within in the academy; to, with, by, and for communities) 
  • Ethics & archaeological science 
  • Agriculture, foodways, & sustainability 
  • Materials & technology

Submissions to Frontiers 3 can be either posters or presentations of original research. Presentations will be 15 minutes long and held in sessions of 3-4 presentations each, followed by a 20 minute moderated Q&A panel with all speakers from that session (rather than the traditional Q&A). Abstract submissions should abide by the Code of Ethics of the World Archaeological Congress and adhere to a high standard of scientific and ethical practice. 

The abstract submission deadline has been extended to April 30, 2022. Abstracts should be submitted by email to Decisions will be made by June 15, 2022. 


Anna Passerini working in lab