CIAMS faculty honored through Engaged Cornell program

By: Samantha Sanft, 
Thu, 09/03/2020


CIAMS professor Sherene Baugher receives an Engaged Opportunity Grant for her project, Archaeology and Tourism in Robert H. Treman State Park.

From the Engaged Cornell website:

For many years Cornell students have collaborated with the Friends of Robert H. Treman State Park to excavate and conduct engaged research on the 19th century hamlet of Enfield Falls. With this grant, students are producing a site report and a collection catalog that highlights the research, makes the 40,000 cataloged artifacts available for research by Enfield Falls descendants and creates a model for engaged partnerships between state parks and universities. The report is especially relevant for the Park’s Centennial in 2020 as it highlights Henrietta Wickham, a businesswoman and designer who created the site, ran the resort hotel, promoted Enfield Falls as a tourist destination and inspired later generations to save the site as a state park.


Hirsch postdoctoral associate Maia Dedrick is named a 2020-21 Faculty Fellow in Engaged Scholarship for her project, Addressing Colonial Legacies: Community Engagement in Yucatán, Mexico.

From the Engaged Cornell website:

As a Faculty Fellow in Engaged Scholarship, Maia Dedrick is developing academic and outward-facing publications about research conducted with the Tahcabo community in Yucatán, Mexico. For academic audiences, Dedrick is working on two projects: a co-authored book chapter and a co-authored article for a special section of American Anthropologist. The book chapter will focus on the contributions that community members made to the research and the ways that they imagine and create their community through active participation in heritage-related projects. The article will address the legacies of colonial violence in Yucatán, how archaeologists have benefitted from them, and opportunities to grapple with these difficult pasts.

One public-facing product will be a website with summaries of all publications that have resulted from the larger archaeological project thus far, available in Spanish and English. The second major public-facing project will be the continued development of a virtual exhibit, in both Spanish and English, about the archaeological research that has taken place in Tahcabo.


Congratulations to our CIAMS faculty members!



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