CIAMS Fall Workshops Bring Faculty and Grads Together

Thu, 01/04/2018

This past Fall saw the revival of the CIAMS Workshop Series, under the guidance of Hirsch post-doctoral fellow, Dr. Dana Bardolph. Faculty and graduate students gathered in the Landscapes and Objects Laboratory in McGraw Hall to discuss work-in-progress over hot coffee and baked treats. Conversation and debate flowed freely in a relaxed and supportive environment, and all participants agreed that the workshops were helpful to the development of their ideas. Workshops this past semester included:

On September 25th, post-doctoral research fellow Dr. Natalie Mueller presented a paper she was preparing on evidence for the evolution of genetic diversity in crops in the archaeobotanic record, considering her analysis of the Indigenous eastern North American domestication of erect knotweed.

On October 2nd, Assistant Professor of Classics Dr. Astrid Van Oyen presented an article in preparation on the subject of changing conceptions of time in the rural late Iron Age and early Roman northwestern Mediterranean.

On November 6th, Hirsch Post-doctoral Fellow Dr. Dana Bardolph presented a conference paper she was preparing that considered the evidence for a Cahokian Diaspora through the movement of ceramics and foodways.

On November 20th, Anthropology PhD candidate, John Gorczyk workshopped a grant proposal he was preparing in support of his ongoing doctoral dissertation research on human-animal relations in the Bulgarian Neolithic through faunal and isotopic analyses.

​CIAMS is excited to make the workshop series a regular part of our institute's activities. All faculty, post-doctoral researchers, and graduate students with CIAMS affiliation are invited and encouraged to present a workshop which can be on any topic related to their research, including the results of recent fieldwork, library, laboratory or collections research, grant proposals, conference papers, and puplications in preparation. If you are interested in presenting a CIAMS workshop, contact Dr. Dana Bardolph ( or CIAMS Assistant Director, Eilis Monahan (


PhD student John Gorczk discusses his grant proposal with CIAMS faculty and fellow grads