Congratulations to our 2019 CIAMS MA Thesis Prize Winner, Cristina Stockton-Juarez!

By: John Gorczyk, 
Sun, 08/18/2019

CIAMS would like to congratulate Cristina Stockton-Juarez on winning the 2019 CIAMS MA Thesis Prize! Her thesis was selected by CIAMS faculty for demonstrating excellence in research and writing at the MA level. The CIAMS MA Thesis Prize comes with a $250 cash prize.

Cristina's thesis is entitled "Pots, People, and Pilgrimage: Elemental Analysis of Surface Pigments on Nasca Polychrome Vessels from the Nasca Drainage". Her study uses pigment analysis to examine the political and economic organization of ceramic production, touching on issues of centralized and decentralized production. She uses portable X-ray Fluorescence (pXRF) to study the chemical composition of pigments from 27 polychrome Nasca (ca. 1-700 CE) vessels from the Cornell Anthropology Collections. Her results demonstrate long-standing traditions in recipes, sources, and techniques of ceramic manufacture throughout several iconographic phases. 

Cristina Stockton-Juarez photographs Nasca ceramics











Cristina earned her BA from McDaniel College where she majored in Art History and Environmental Studies. She has continued her research in Peru on colonial paintings censored in the aftermath of the Tupac Amaru revolts. She is currently an archival assistant at the Al Held Foundation.

Nasca pottery

Cristina Stockton-Juarez