Finding Funding at Cornell (and beyond)

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Cornell-based grants for Graduate Students (other than those via the Graduate School):

  • Hirsch Scholarship: for fieldwork related to masters or doctoral thesis. See details on current form on this website.
  • CIAMS research fund: fund to support research projects in archaeology and material studies (only members of CIAMS eligible – see eligibility criteria re CIAMS for graduate students on this website). Funding rounds in the Fall and Spring semesters. See forms on this website.
  • Kristan Peters-Hamlin Fund: funding for research projects on women in the Middle East
  • Kroll Travel Award: for summer travel to Israel
  • Walter and Sandra LaFeber Research Assistance Fund: through Dept. of History
  • The Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies, Career Services, and Graduate School has funding opportunities for graduate research abroad, and they host frequent information sessions on campus:
  • Useful fellowship database on the grad school website: Includes both internal and external grants.

External Grants for Research Travel/Fieldwork/Studies/Projects (Graduate Student or Faculty in some cases):

Funding Sources for Research Projects (including especially Surveys, Excavations, etc.):

General Sources of Information for Other Grants, Fellowships and Opportunities: