Gardens of the Roman Empire Project Website Launch

By: Samantha Sanft, 
Mon, 04/19/2021

The Gardens of the Roman Empire (GRE) Project announces the beta launch of its new website!

This is a long-term legacy project led by CIAMS Professor Kathryn Gleason. It presents, for the first time, all the known gardens of the Roman Empire in one searchable, open access website. The GRE website is an independent, ongoing project assembled, illustrated, edited and digitized by generations of CIAMS graduate and undergraduate students in archaeology, classics, NES, landscape architecture, and horticulture.

Congratulations to the whole GRE team!

From the GRE press release:

"GRE aims to bring knowledge of Roman garden archaeology out of local archaeological journals and print books into a free open access resource in a consistent format that provides scholars, students, and professionals global access to evidence of all types for ancient garden culture. The entries range from sites that have been excavated using contemporary techniques to early sites where gardens are suspected but not yet proven. The range of evidence assembled includes site descriptions, plans, stratigraphic sections, bibliography, and photographs of gardens known archaeologically. It also offers a corpus of tomb gardens known from inscriptions. In the next phase of development, GRE is planning to add a glossary and thematic entries on topics such as garden representations, inscriptions, archaeobotanical findings, and water features. In assembling all the known garden evidence into a single online corpus, GRE seeks to expand the scope of research on Roman gardens, as well as to stimulate further field research."

Check out the GRE wesbite here!

Learn more about the project, by visiting the GRE Field Project page.

garden mosaic