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Membership for PhD Students

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Doctoral students admitted to the departments of AnthropologyClassics (concentration in Classical Archaeology)History of ArtNear Eastern StudiesHistory, and Medieval Studies may become members of CIAMS by completing two courses and requesting membership with the CIAMS Director of Graduate Studies.

Prospective students seeking an MA in archaeology should apply to the Archaeology Program. Students admitted to the Archaeology MA program automatically become members of CIAMS. For information on the Cornell system of graduate fields, the Graduate School, and graduate applications generally to Cornell, please consult with the Director of Graduate Studies.

Benefits of CIAMS membership:

CIAMS membership provides several opportunities for PhD students to gain access to research resources and build professional skills that are vital to transitioning from graduate school to professional settings. These include:

  • Eligibility for CIAMS research and travel awards;
  • Access to CIAMS field and lab equipment;
  • Invitations to participate in CIAMS workshops that bring Cornell students and faculty together to engage substantively on emerging writing projects;
  • Enhanced opportunities to communicate closely with visiting scholars through participation in RadioCIAMS, the Institute’s podcast series;
  • Participation in CIAMS conferences and related publications;
  • Eligibility for the Assistant Director position (a full graduate assistantship that provides stipend, tuition, and health insurance for a senior, preferably post-field, PhD student).

Eligibility Requirements for CIAMS Membership:

Students pursuing PhDs in Archaeology and Material Studies in affiliated departments are eligible for CIAMS membership and funding availability upon completing two courses: 1) ARKEO 6100, “The Craft of Archaeology,” which is a 1 credit professionalization seminar; and 2) a designated CIAMS seminar offered once a year on a subject of broad theoretical and/or methodological interest, such as emerging topics in archaeological thought, new directions in archaeometry, or themes that tie archaeology to the wider domain of the humanities and social sciences.  Application should be made to the CIAMS Director of Graduate Studies.