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CIAMS Alumni

CIAMS alumni follow a wide range of career paths. Over half of the students in our MA program go on to pursue a PhD in Anthropology, Classics, or Near Eastern Studies. The large majority who apply to PhD programs are successfully admitted. A number of our alumni choose to work in the heritage sector, from cultural and natural resource management, to laboratories and libraries. For others still, CIAMS is a stepping stone to careers in education, information technology, or other fields.

We support our students in achieving their career goals and are proud of their diverse achievements. If you are a member of our alumni community, please stay in touch. If you are a prospective student and would like to learn more about the professional trajectories of our alumni, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies.

Cornell University has offered M.A. degrees in Archaeology since 1987, and awarded Ph.D. degrees to affiliates in archaeologically-related fields since 1976.  The list below shows recent graduates, from 2010 to the present.

  Name and Academic Degree Thesis or Dissertation Title

Elizabeth Bews

M.A. Archaeology, '18

  • Thesis: After Accession: EU Funding and Archaeological Practice in Bulgaria

Jenna Bittenbender

M.A. Archaeology, '17

  • Thesis: The Role of Off-Island Objects and Materials in Creating Hierarchy: Evidence for Social Ranking at Mochlos During the Early Minoan Period

William Breitweiser

M.A. Archaeology, '15

  • Thesis: Plaster Cast Collections in the Colonial World: Connections Between Classics and Racial Ideology

Liana Brent

Ph.D. Classics, '19

  • Dissertation: Corporeal Connections: Tomb Disturbance, Reuse and Violation in Roman Italy

Dusti Bridges

M.A. Archaeology, '18

  • Thesis: Translating Archaeology into Stories: Creating a Digital Resource for the Onöndowa’ga:’ (Seneca) Townley-Read and White Springs Sites, occupied circa 1688-1754

Charles Burgess

M.A. Archaeology, '10

  • Thesis: Mapping Muhheakunnuk: GIS and the Living Landscapes of the Mohican

Asa Cameron

M.A. Archaeology, '16

  • Thesis: A Stable Isotopic (Carbon And Nitrogen) Evaluation Of Regional Differences In Herded Animal Diet And Pastoral Risk Management Practices During The Xiongnu Period Of Mongolia

Micaela Carignano

Ph.D. Classics, '18

  • Dissertation: Reconstructing Minoan Dining Practice and Sociopolitical Organization in Neopalatial Households and Palaces

Chelsea Cole

M.A. Archaeology, '17

  • Thesis: Kommos and a Great Minoan Triangle: Rethinking the Early - Middle Minoan Political and Economic Landscape of South-Central Crete​

Alexandra Creola

M.A. Archaeology, '14

  • Thesis: An Analysis of the Spatial Relationships of Domestic Nymphaea at Lararia in Pompeii

Andrew Crocker

M.A. Archaeology, '17

  • Thesis: Rural Landscape Practices and Authority: Iron Age Cyprus and Assyria​

Sarah Eastly

M.A. Archaeology, '12

  • Thesis: A Question of Faith: Jesuit Missions to the Seneca Iroquois As Viewed Through Archaeological and Textual Records


Bonnie Etter

M.A. Archaeology, '16

  • Thesis: The Application of Geographic Information Systems to Large-Scale Intra-Site Analysis of Artifact Data at Gault, Texas​

Yuan Fang

M.A. Archaeology, '17

  • Thesis: The Favorite Animal: The Horse as Mingqi in Han Tombs​

Ned Fischer

M.A. Archaeology, '17

  • Thesis: Iron Men: Roman Masculinity and the Roman Military Dagger​

Carrie Fulton

Ph.D. Classics, '16

  • Dissertation: Lost in Transportation: Trade Networks and the Materiality of Cargoes in the Ancient Mediterranean

Peregrine Gerard-Little

M.A. Archaeology, '11

Ph.D. Anthropology, '18

  • Thesis: Understanding the Built Environment at the Seneca Iroquiois White Springs Site (1688-1715): Incorporation of Large-Scale, Multi-Instrument Archaeogeophysical Survey
  • Dissertation: "A pleasure garden in the desert, to which I know no comparison in this country”: Seneca Iroquois Landscape Stewardship in the 17th and 18th Centuries​

Jasmine Gollup

M.A. Archaeology, '11

  • Thesis: An Overview and Analysis of 'Proto-Susquehannock' Sites in the Upper Susquehanna River Valley​

John Gorcyk

M.A. Archaeology, '12

  • Thesis: Communal Consumption at Late Neolithic Sarnevo: Faunal Evidence from a Pit Site in South Central Bulgaria​

Katie Guttman

M.A. Archaeology, '19

  • Thesis: Residents: Invisible Residents: Archaeological Evidence and the Question of Indigenous Presence at House C of British Fort Michilimackinac, 1765-1781

Kathryn Hudson

M.A. Archaeology, '11

  • Thesis: A Preliminary Lexicon of Ulua Medallion Motifs​

Katherine Jarriel

PhD Classics, '18

  • ​Dissertation: Small Worlds After All? Landscape and Community Interaction in the Cycladic Bronze Age

Alaina Kaiser

M.A. Archaeology, '13

  • Thesis: Copper Oxhide Ingot Marks: A Catalogue and Comparative Analysis

Katie Kearns

Ph.D. Classics, '15

  • Dissertation: Unruly landscapes: The making of 1st millennium BCE polities on Cyprus

Cynthia Kocik

M.A. Archaeology, '14

  • Thesis: The Edges of Wood: Dendrochronological Analysis of Three Seneca Iroquois Structures at Letchworth State Park, 1796-1831

Matthew Krohn

M.A. Archaeology, '10

  • Thesis: Innovation and Identity in Seneca Iroquois Lithic Debitage: Analysis of Stone Tools from the White Springs and Townley-Read Sites, Circa 1688-1754​
Nicholas Lashway
M.A. Archaeology, '15
  • Thesis: Resettlement of the Bdul and its effect on Preservation Initiatives at Petra, Jordan
Jeffrey Leon
Ph.D. Classics, '16
  • Dissertation: Beyond 'counting sheep': Isotopic approaches to Minoan and Late Cypriot shepherding

Fredrika Loew

M.A. Archaeology, '16

  • Thesis: Gods and Scholars: Studying Religion at a Secular University​

Alex Marko

M.A. Archaeology, '14

  • Thesis: Seeing Archaeology In 3D: Digital Spatial Vision

Isabelle Martínez-Muñiz

M.A. Archaeology, '12

  • Thesis: Ceramic Innovation and Interregional Interaction: A Study from Formative Cahal Pech, Belize

William Mastandrea

M.A. Archaeology, '16

  • Thesis: Cupellation at Kea: Investigating Potential Applications of the Minoan Conical Cup

Angela McArdle

M.A. Archaeology, '14

  • Thesis: When Trash Becomes Treasure: A Postclassic Maya Obsidian Core Cache from Nojpeten

Eilis Monahan

M.A. Archaeology, '10

  • Thesis: Dwelling with the Dead: Mortuary Landscapes and the Production of Community During the Prehistoric Bronze Age on Cyprus

Amanda Moutner

M.A. Archaeology, '13

  • Thesis: Understanding landscape Modification at White Springs Manor, Geneva, New York  An Archaeological and Historical Study​

Louisa Nash

M.A. Archaeology, '17

  • Thesis: The Cosmos in Clay: An Analysis of Avery Engraved Vessel Motifs​

Marianna Nichols

M.A. Archaeology, '18

  • Thesis: Jewish Identities and Traditions within the Hellenistic Period: Funerary Unguentaria as Evidence of Inventive Tradition

Lindsay Petry

M.A. Archaeology, '19

  • Thesis: Echoes in the Bones: An Osteological Analysis of the Biological Impact of Roman Rule at Corinth, Greece

Jessica Plant

M.A. Archaeology, '17

  • Thesis: Asia Minor Ampullae: A Class of Their Own?​

Beth Ryan

Ph.D. Anthropology, '17

  • Dissertation: Crowding the Banks: the Historical Archaeology of Ohagi and the Post-revolutionary Haudenosaunee Confederacy, ca. 1780-1826

Samantha Sanft

M.A. Archaeology, '13

  • Thesis: Beads and Pendants from Indian Fort Road: A Sixteenth Century Cayuga Site in Tompkins County, New York​

Katherine Seufer

M.A. Archaeology, '15

  • Thesis: Dendroarchaeology in Sisak, Croatia (Siscia): Roman Urbanism and Colonia Status

Laryssa Shipley

M.A. Archaeology, '18

  • Thesis: A Phenomenological Approach to the Kom el-Shuqafa Catacombs

Emily Stanton

M.A. Archaeology, '17

  • Thesis: In the Footsteps of Saints and Sheep: Archaeological, Anthropological, and Phenomenological Explorations of Bardsey Island and the North Wales Pilgrim's Way​

Cristina Stockton Juarez

M.A. Archaeology, '19

  • Thesis: Pots, People, and Pilgrimage: Elemental Analysis of Surface Pigments on Nasca Polychrome Vessels from the Nasca Drainage

Juliana Van Roggen

M.A. Archaeology, '17

  • Thesis: Urban Planning and Cultural Identity in Pompeii: from the Altstadt to Vitruvius​

Jason Weimar

M.A. Archaeology, '17

  • Thesis: Wood and Stone: How the South Arabian Construction Texts Illuminate Building Accounts in the Hebrew Bible​

Jordana Wolf

M.A. Archaeology, '12

  • Thesis: The Bronze Age Gardens of the Aegean in the Context of Contemporary Gardens in the Near East and Egypt

Erin Wright

M.A. Archaeology, '17

  • Thesis: Cultural Resiliency at Pompeii: The Spatial Relationship Between Painted Fountains and Private Water Access, 62-79 CE