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Majoring in Archaeology

Joining the major:

Requirements for the major:

  • Coursework requirements:
    • 32 credit hours from the Archaeology Course List or related fields
      • 16 of the credit hours must be at the 3000-level or above.
  • Major distribution requirements: (Students are required to take the following number of courses from different categories within the Archaeology Course List.)
    • Comparative Survey: One course.
    • Methods/Theory: Two courses.
    • Regional Concentrations: Students must take a minimum of one course in at least two different regional concentrations.
  • Some notes on course credits:
    • Students select their courses in consultation with a major advisor of their choosing. In some areas of specialization, intensive language training should be coordinated with other studies as early as the freshman year.
    • To receive credit towards the major, students must receive a grade of C or better within a course.
    • A maximum of 4 of the 32 required credit hours can come from independent study courses (e.g., Arkeo 3000 Individual Study).
  • Fieldwork requirement:
    • Every student should gain some practical experience in archaeological fieldwork on a project authorized by his or her advisor.
    • This requirement may be waived in exceptional circumstances.
    • Scholarship opportunities for fieldwork: The Jacob and Hedwig Hirsch bequest provides support for a limited number of students to work at excavations sponsored by Cornell and other approved institutions: see further information at https://archaeology.cornell.edu/funding.

Graduating with Honors

Please see Guidelines and Procedures for Undergraduate Honors in Archaeology

Minoring in Archaeology

Joining the minor:

Requirements for the minor:

  • Coursework requirements: (Students must take 5 archaeology courses, including courses from the following categories - see Archaeology Course List):
    • Comparative Survey: One course.
    • Methods/Theory: One course.
    • Regional Concentrations: Students must take a minimum of one course in at least two different regional concentrations.
    • Note: To receive credit towards the minor for a course, students must receive a grade of C or better.
  • Fieldwork: recommended, but not required
    • Minors are encouraged to gain some fieldwork experience.
    • Scholarship opportunities for fieldwork: Minors are eligible for Hirsch Scholarships in support of fieldwork on the same basis as majors. See further information at https://archaeology.cornell.edu/funding.