Finding funding beyond CIAMS

In addition to funding available through CIAMS, Cornell students and faculty can find funding at Cornell and beyond to support their academic activities, from conference travel and language study to research fellowships and grants. The following is a non-exhaustive list of funding opportunities. Thank you to CIAMS faculty members Caitlín Barrett and Sturt Manning for compiling many of the resources for graduate students and faculty.

Cornell funding for undergraduate students

Current Cornell undergraduates can find various funding opportunities at these sites to support undergraduate research at Cornell and beyond:

External funding for undergraduate students


For students and scholars from "working-class and historically looted communities"

Other funding sources

Cornell funding for graduate students

Cornell University Graduate School grants

  • Conference Travel Grant: Supports graduate students traveling to present their work at a conference
  • Research Travel Grant : Supports graduate students traveling to conduct thesis/dissertation research
  • Intercampus Travel Grant: Supports doctoral students traveling between Cornell's Ithaca and NYC campuses to advance their dissertation research
  • Summer Foreign Language Grant: Supports travel to a summer language intensive program outside the U.S.
  • President's Travel Fund for the Humanities: Supports travel for graduate students who have already received a Graduate School Conference Travel Grant and will be presenting at a second conference.

Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies grants

Society for the Humanities fellowships and grants:

Other grants:

Useful fellowship database on the grad school website: Includes both internal and external grants 

External Funding for Graduate Students and Faculty

Many external grants are open to early-career scholars and senior scholars as well as to graduate students. 


For students and scholars from "working-class and historically looted communities"

Research and travel grants for multiple fields and regions:

Regional research centers and grants

Research and travel funding within specific countries or regions:

Funding Resources and Databases