Cornell is fortunate to have an extraordinary range of unique material culture collections ranging from the one-of-a-kind Cast Collection to the extraordinary Rare and Manuscript Collections in Olin Library. CIAMS students and faculty have been involved in various projects working with objects from the Anthropology Collections which include archaeological materials from stone tools of the Lower Paleolithic to the mummy of Penpi, an Egyptian scribe of Thebes during the Third Intermediate Period. This page provides a gateway to exploring some of the collections held on campus.

Collections Video Resources

Dr. Fred Gleach, Department of Anthropology, has created a series of videos on Youtube about the Cornell Anthropology Collections, for which he serves as curator. Interested viewers can learn about the history of the Collections as well as their contents and their ongoing role in educating and promoting research for Cornell students. The first video in the series can be watched directly below, and the remainder can be accessed on Dr. Gleach's Youtube Channel:  For additional information regarding the Anthropology Collections, please contact Dr. Fred Gleach

Introduction to the Anthropology Collections

Firing the Canon: The Cornell Casts and their Discontents

Secret History: rediscovering Cornell’s Plaster Cast Collection