CIAMS Affiliate Groups

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Below you can find a list of CIAMS affiliates, groups whose work directly involves CIAMS students and faculty or indirectly relates to the ongoing research or goals of CIAMS. 


Anti-racism and Anti-colonialism (ARCO) Interest Group

Organizing Committee:
Ruth Portes
Liam McDonald
Anna Whittemore
Kaitlin LaGrasta
Kathleen Garland

Faculty Advisor:
Adam Smith

Archaeological Science Group

The Cornell Archaeological Science Group is an association of graduate students dedicated to promoting the ethical and responsible application of scientific methods to archaeological questions in order to advance archaeological research within the university and beyond.

Rebecca Gerdes, President
Alice Wolff, Vice President
Annapaola Passerini, Treasurer
Anna Whittemore, Events Chair

Faculty Advisor:
Matthew Velasco

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