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Welcome to CIAMS TV! Below you can find a list of CIAMS-related video links.

This page is meant to serve as place to showcase video content produced by CIAMS faculty, students, and affiliates. 

Cornell Anthropology Collections Video Series

Dr. Fred Gleach, Department of Anthropology, has created a series of videos on Youtube about the Cornell Anthropology Collections, for which he serves as curator. Interested viewers can learn about the history of the Collections as well as their contents and their ongoing role in educating and promoting research for Cornell students. The first video in the series can be watched directly below, and the remainder can be accessed on Dr. Gleach's Youtube Channel:  For additional information regarding the Anthropology Collections, please contact Dr. Fred Gleach


"Let's Read the City"

Public engagement in archaeology can take different forms. Lori Khatchadourian of the Department of Near Eastern Studies recently partnered with an all-female Armenian media platform called Urbanista (Ուրբանիստա), whose mission is to foster public debate on matters of urban planning, urban development, architecture, and other urban issues. Urbanista asked Professor Khatchadourian to share her research on Armenia’s industrial ruins for an 8-part educational series called Let’s Read the City (Կարդանք քաղաքը). In three installments, Dr. Khatchadourian speaks for a general audience on ‘ruin economics’, post-socialist industrial heritage, and the lifeways and lifeforms that are taking shape in Armenia’s decaying Soviet factories.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3


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