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Craig Lyons

Ph.D. Student in History

Craig Lyons

Educational Background

M.Phil. in Medieval History, Trinity College, The University of Dublin.

B.A. in History, University of Hawai'i at Mānoa



I am a PhD candidate in History, concentrating on the Viking Age North Atlantic. My research centers around the development of the Norse town and kingdom of Dublin and its role as a mercantile, political, and cultural hub in the Irish Sea region and the wider North Atlantic. I engage with both written and material evidence relating to Norse Dublin in order to shed further light on processes of state formation, institutional development, and cross-cultural trade in the settlement and along its overseas networks.

Advisor:  Oren Falk


  • Archaeology Program
  • History

Graduate Fields

  • Medieval History
  • Byzantine History
  • Ancient History


Medieval History


"Óláfr Cuarán, Sigtryggr Silkbeard and the emergence of the Irish kingdom of Dublin," in Medieval Dublin XV, edited by Seán Duffy (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2016)