Emily Hayflick

Ph.D. Student in Anthropology


Emily Hayflick’s research centers on the entanglements of American legal frameworks, conservation programs/wildlife management, and communities’ relations with land and animals. Specifically, she is interested in how these entanglements emerge in the context of Indigenous tribes and nations' relations with the U.S government. Her MA work concentrated on the language of the Alaska Native arts and crafts exemption within the Marine Mammal Protection Act, examining the law in relation to the Indian Arts and Crafts Act. Her research frameworks include environmental and historical anthropology, material culture studies, and the intersections of anthropology, art history, and craft studies.

Emily comes to Cornell with a BA in anthropology from Barnard College and a MA in Decorative Arts, Design History, Material Culture from the Bard Graduate Center. She previously worked as a Repatriation Specialist at the Field Museum, and completed internships with the American Museum of Natural History’s North American Archaeology Lab and the National Museum of the American Indian’s Repatriation Department. She currently serves as a student representative on the Society for American Archaeology’s Committee on Repatriation.