Geronimo Cristobal

Ph.D. Student in History of Art


My main research interests concern the global context of Islamic visual cultures in Maritime Southeast Asia, early modern aesthetic thoughts on visual arts and craftsmanship, and the making of the image of 'Islamic' art as well as the modern historiography of the field. Throughout my study, I trace the cultural-critical formation of Southeast Asian artists through the modalities of race, ethnicity, and nation that underpin the discursive creation of this cultural subject. 

Prior to attending Cornell, I taught courses in Art History at Ateneo de Manila and I led discussion groups as a Teaching Assistant at Columbia. From 2023-2024, I am organizing the Gatty Lecture Series with colleagues at Cornell's Southeast Asia Program.

Area of Interest

entrepĂ´ts, maritime southeast asia, muslim societies, nacre and pearl, glass, agimat

Research Languages

Philippine and Indonesian languages, Spanish; German; Dutch

Additional Affiliations

Southeast Asia Program