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Below is an archive of RadioCIAMS episodes that can be played directly from the browser. RadioCIAMS podcasts are hosted on our Soundclound page, and you can also subscribe to RadioCIAMS on Apple Podcasts, GooglePlay, Sticher, and Spotify. RadioCIAMS is produced in collaboration with the American Anthropological Association.


RadioCIAMS with Peggy Brunache

On October 2, 2020, archaeologist Peggy Brunache (University of Glasgow) met with a panel of CIAMS students (Dusti Bridges, Ethan Dickerman, Rebecca Gerdes, Alex Symons, Alice Wolff) and faculty (Maia Dedrick) to discuss two articles from the Fall 2019 special issue of Transforming Anthropology, a publication of the Association of Black Anthropologists. The special issue was entitled, The Marathon Continues: New Directions in African Diaspora Archaeology and was guest edited by Nedra K. Lee and Jannie Nicole Scott. The two articles discussed in this podcast episode include the introduction to the special issue, written by the editors, and Dr. Brunache’s article, “Mainstreaming African Diasporic Foodways When Academia is not Enough.”

RadioCIAMS presents: CIVIC with Caitlin DeSilvey

RadioCIAMS is pleased to present the inaugural episode of "Unsettled Monuments, Unsettling Heritage", a podcast of CIVIC, the Cornell task force for the humanities and the arts. In this episode, a panel of Cornell faculty, all CIVIC fellows, speak with Dr. Caitlin DeSilvey, a professor of cultural geography at the University of Exeter about her most recent book, Curated Decay: Heritage Beyond Saving. Dr. DeSilvey participated remotely.

RadioCIAMS with Chip Colwell

On February 28, 2020, Dr. Chip Colwell of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science met with a panel of CIAMS students and faculty to discuss his most recent book, Objects of Survivance: A Material History of the American Indian School Experience, co-authored with Lindsay M. Montgomery.

RadioCIAMS with Carl Knappett

On October 9, 2019, Dr. Carl Knappett of the University of Toronto met with a panel of CIAMS students and faculty to discuss the first two chapters of his forthcoming book, "Aegean Bronze Age Art: Meaning in the Making". Their discussion touched upon themes of artifact form, typologies, models and miniatures, and the media ecology of art in the Aegean bronze Age. Grad student discussants were Sophia Taborski and Rebecca Gerdes, Department of Classics. The faculty host was Dr. Verity Platt, History of Art.

RadioCIAMS with Claudia Brittenham

On Sept. 20, 2019, Dr. Claudia Brittenham, University of Chicago, met a panel of CIAMS students and faculty to discuss her ongoing work on unseen imagery in ancient Mesoamerican art, specifically the hidden undersides of Mayan lintels. Their discussion touched upon themes of hidden art, privileged knowledge, and the politics of object curation. Student discussants included Sam Disotell and Anna Whittemore. The faculty host was Dr. Verity Platt, History of Art.

RadioCIAMS with Eleanor Casella

On May 2nd, 2019, archaeologist Dr. Eleanor Casella (University of Tasmania) met with a panel of CIAMS students (Sarah McCully and Taylor Carr-Howard) and faculty (Dana Bardolph, Sherene Baugher, and Nerissa Russell) to discuss the archaeology of institutional confinement, the material dynamics of social relationships, and the role of historical archaeology in both the academy and also contemporary Tasmanian society. The discussion centered on three of Dr. Casella’s publications. The first was a 2000 article in World Archaeology, titled “‘Doing Trade’: a Sexual Economy of Nineteenth-century Australian Female Convict Prisons”, the second was her 2012 chapter in her co-edited (with Barbara Voss) volume The Archaeology of Colonialism: Intimate Encounters and Sexual Effects, “Little Bastard Felons: Childhood, Affect, and Labor in the Penal Colonies of Nineteenth-Century Australia”, and the third was her 2016 article in Historical Archaeology, “Horizons beyond the Perimeter Wall: Relational Materiality, Institutional Confinement, and the Archaeology of Being Global”. Dr. Casella joined us from across the globe, participating in the podcast via video call from Tasmania.

RadioCIAMS with Allison Mickel

On March 22nd, 2019, archaeologist Dr. Allison Mickel (Lehigh University) met with a panel of CIAMS students (Alexandria Albano, Kathleen Garland, Alice Wolff) and faculty (Adam Smith) to discuss archaeological knowledge production, the potential of narrative fiction in archaeological writing, and social network analysis. The discussion centers on two of Dr. Mickel’s recent publications. The first was a 2012 article in Public Archaeology, titled “The Novel-ty of Responsible Archaeological Site Reporting: How Writing Fictive Narrative Contributes to Ethical Archaeological Practice”, and the second was her 2016 article in the Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory, “Tracing Teams, Texts, and Topics: Applying Social Network Analysis to Understand Archaeological Knowledge Production at Çatalhöyük”.

RadioCIAMS with Alison Wylie

On February 20th, 2019, archaeologist Dr. Alison Wylie from the University of British Columbia met a panel of CIAMS students (Taylor Carr-Howard, Liam Murphy, Annapaola Passerini, and Jessica Plant) and faculty (Dana Bardolph) to discuss two of her recently published works on collaborative practice in archaeology. The first reading is a chapter from a 2015 edited volume Objectivity in Science: New Perspectives from Science and Technology Studies titled, “A Plurality of Pluralisms: Collaborative Practice in Archaeology”. The second is the concluding chapter from Dr. Wylie’s 2016 co-authored monograph, Evidential Reasoning in Archaeology titled, “Conclusions: Reflexivity Made Concrete”. During this podcast, Dr. Wylie also provides helpful advice for young scholars conducting collaborative research within the academy.

RadioCIAMS with Catherine Cameron

On November 2nd, 2018, Dr. Catherine Cameron (CU Boulder) met a panel of CIAMS faculty (Dana Bardolph) and students (Salpi Bocchieriyan, Dusti Bridges, Sam Disotell, Cristina Juarez) to discuss prehistoric migration and captive labor in small scale socieities.

RadioCIAMS with Stephen Mrozowski

On October 12th, 2018, Dr. Stephen Mrozowski (UMass Boston) met a panel of CIAMS faculty (Kurt Jordan) and students (Dusti Bridges, Liam Murphy, Samantha Sanft, Alexandra Walton) to discuss political economy and colonialism.

RadioCIAMS with Jordan Pickett

On September 21st, 2018, Dr. Jordan Pickett (University of Georgia) met a panel of CIAMS faculty (Ben Anderson) and students (Kathleen Garland, Jessica Plant, Tyler Wolford) to discuss engergetics in archaeology.

RadioCIAMS with John Creese

On April 16th, 2018 archaeologist John Creese from North Dakota State University gave a lecture at Cornell University titled, “Reassembling the Longhouse: The Iroquoian Longhouse as sociotechnical system.” The next day he met with a panel of CIAMS students and faculty to discuss his talk, and two of his publications: The first was a 2012 article in the Cambridge Archaeological Journal, titled “The Domestication of Personhood: a view from the Iroquoian Longhouse,” and the second was his 2016 article in World Archaeology, “Emotion Work and the Archaeology of Consensus: the Northern Iroquoian case."

RadioCIAMS with Matthew Liebmann

On March 9th, 2018, Matthew Liebmann, a professor of archaeology in the Department of Anthropology at Harvard University, met with a panel of CIAMS students and faculty to discuss his work at Jemez Pueblo, and two of his recent published works. The first was his 2017 article discussing application of semiotic theory in landscape archaeology in American Antiquity, “From Landscapes of Meaning to Landscapes of Signification in the American Southwest." The second was "The Mickey Mouse kachina and other "Double Objects": Hybridity in the material culture of colonial encounters," in a 2015 issue of the Journal of Social Archaeology.

RadioCIAMS with Yannis Hamilakis

On February 16th, 2018, Yannis Hamilakis, a professor of archaeology and modern greek studies at Brown University, met with a panel of CIAMS students and faculty to discuss two of his recent written works. The first was a 2017 article in the Camrbidge Archaeological Journal, titled “Sensorial Assemblages: Affect, Memory and Temporality in Assemblage Thinking.” The discussion of sensoriality, affectivity and time in this reading color our subsequent discussion of Prof. Hamilakis’ ongoing research on the archaeology of forced migration on the Island of Lesvos, and our other reading, the introduction to the 2016 issue of the Journal of Contemporary Archaeology that he guest-edited on the topic of the archaeologies of forced and undocumented migration.

RadioCIAMS with Anne Porter

On October 6th, 2017 archaeologist Anne Porter from the University of Toronto met with a panel of CIAMS students and faculty (Prof. Adam T. Smith, Amy Cromartie, Lizzy Bews, Salpi Bocchieriyan, and Annapaola Passerini) to discuss pastoral nomadism and kinship in the ancient Near East. This episode was a long time in the making,because our regular team wasn’t available to record it. Apologies are due to the participants for the delay, and our thanks go to Gabrielle Borenstein for filling in as recording engineer last year!

RadioCIAMS with Jason De Léon

On September 22nd, 2017 archaeologist and anthropologist, Prof. Jason De Léon met a panel of CIAMS students and faculty to discuss his ongoing Undocumented Migration Project and his award-winning 2015 book, “The Land of Open Graves: Living and Dying on the Migrant Trail.”  Just two weeks after visiting us at Cornell, Jason was awarded a MacArthur Foundation Fellowship, also known as a Genius Grant, in recognition of his important, multidisciplinary research. The challenges, rewards, and necessity of such boundary-pushing work was the focus of our discussion.

RadioCIAMS with Lisa Nevett

On September 15th, 2017, archaeologist Lisa Nevett from the University of Michigan met a panel of CIAMS graduate students (Kathleen Garland, Tyler Wolford, Blake Taylor, Danielle Vander Horst, and Sophia Taborski) and faculty (Profs. Caitlin Barrett and Astrid Van Oyen) to discuss two of her works on Classical household archaeology. The first is "Seeking the domus behind the dominus in Roman Pompeii: artifact distributions as eidence for the various social groups," which appeared as the fifth chapter in Prof. Nevett's 2010 book from Cambridge University Press, Domestic Space in Classical Antiquity. The second reading is Ärtifact assemblages in Classical Greek contexts: toward a new approach," which appeared in Household Studies in Complex Society: Micro-Archaeological and Textual Approaches.  This volume was published by the University of Chicago Oriental Institute in 2015. 

RadioCIAMS with Felipe Rojas

On May 4, 2017, archaeologist Felipe Rojas from Brown University met a panel of CIAMS students (Jenny Carrington, Kathleen Garland, Rebecca Gerdes, Jessica Plant, and Sophia Taborski) and faculty (Ben Anderson, host) to discuss being mountain in Ancient Anatolia.

RadioCIAMS with Fiona Kidd

On February 24, 2017, NYU Abu Dhabi archaeologist Fiona Kidd met a panel of CIAMS students (Dusti Bridges, Betty Hensellek, Jeanine Hoy, Laryssa Shipley, and Jay Weimar) and faculty (Lori Khatchadourian, host) to discuss wall paintings and elite iconograhphy at the site of Akchakhan-kala in modern-day Uzbekistan. The discussion of approximately 45 minutes opens below.

RadioCIAMS with Steve Kosiba

On October 14, 2016 University of Minnesota archaeologist Steve Kosiba met a panel of CIAMS students (Kelli Breeden, Andrew Crocker, Perri Gerard-Little, Katie Jarriel, and Sam Sanft) and faculty (Adam Smith, host) to discuss materiality, constructions of value, and placemaking among the Inka.

The discussion of about an hour starts below:

RadioCIAMS with Matthew Canepa

On September 23, 2016 University of Minnesota archaeologist Matthew Canepa met.  a panel of CIAMS students (Gabby Borenstein, Andrew Crocker, Jeanine Hoy, Jake Nabel, Jessica Plant, Ellie Reppy, Andrew Smith, and Jay Weimar)  and faculty (Ben Anderson and Lori Khatchadourian, host) to discuss iconography, architecture, and the construction of royal identity in the Sassanian Empire.

The discussion of approximately one hour opens below.

RadioCIAMS with Fotini Kondyli

On April 22, 2016 Fotini Kondyli (University of Virginia) met a panel of CIAMS students (Sam Barber, Kathleen Garland, Jessica Plant, and Jess Ro. Pfundstein) and faculty (Ben Anderson) to discuss community in the rural landscapes of Byzantine Greece.

The full discussion of about 55 minutes opens below.

RadioCIAMS with Stephen Silliman

On March 25, 2016 UMass Boston archaeologist Stephen Silliman joined a panel of CIAMS students (Jennifer Carrington, Anastasia Kotsoglou, Peregrine Gerard-Little, and Samantha Sanft) and faculty (Kurt Jordan) to discuss entanglement and hybridity in archaeology.

The discussion of about an hour opens below.

RadioCIAMS with Barbara Mills

On February 19, 2016 Dr. Barbara Mills (University of Arizona) met with the graduate and undergraduate students taking the course Ceramic Analysis, which is taught by CIAMS professor Lori Khatchadourian. Their discussion of about 45 minutes–which considers how technological style and choice relate to the archaeological analysis of ceramic material–opens below.

RadioCIAMS with Sonya Atalay

On November 5, 2015, Dr. Sonya Atalay (UMass Amherst) met a panel of CIAMS faculty (Kurt Jordan, Ben Anderson) and students (Taylor Hummel, Jessica Plant, Perri Gerard-Little, Jess Pfundstein) to discuss activist research – scholarship that matters in the face of university corporatization.

The entire discussion of about one hour opens below:

RadioCIAMS with John Cherry

On October 16, 2015, Dr. John Cherry (Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World, Brown University) met a panel of CIAMS faculty (Sturt Manning) and students (Jenna Bittenbender, Gabrielle Borenstein, Chelsea Cole, Ned Fisher, Amanda Gaggioli, William Mastandrea) to discuss early state formation in the Aegean. The recorded discussion of about an hour opens below.

Special thanks to Jennifer Carrington for aiding in the recording of this podcast.

RadioCIAMS with Bill Angelbeck

On September 18, 2015, Bill Angelbeck (Douglas College) met with a panel of CIAMS faculty (Kurt Jordan) and students (Kathleen Garland, Perri Gerard-Little, Samantha Sanft, and Erin Wright) to discuss the application of modes of production analysis to anarchic societies, focusing on the Pacific Northwest. The recorded discussion of about an hour opens below.

RadioCIAMS with Aaron Burke

On September 9, 2015 Aaron Burke (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, UCLA),  met a panel of CIAMS students (Jenny Carrington, Gabby Borenstein, Jess Pfundstein, Andrew Crocker), faculty (Chris Monroe), and researchers (Brita Lorentzen) to discuss his excavations at the Late Bronze Age Egyptian fortress at Jaffa, in present-day Israel. He also gave a CIAMS lecture the evening prior. The recorded discussion of about 45 minutes opens below.

RadioCIAMS with Steven Wernke

On March 27, 2015 Vanderbilt University archaeologist Steven Wernke met a panel of CIAMS students (Anastasia Kotsoglou, Lucius Elliott, Jess Pfundstein, Jenny Carrington, and  and faculty (Lori Khatchadourian, Chris Monroe) to discuss his award-winning book, Negotiated SettlementsAndean Communities and Landscapes under Inka and Spanish Colonialism.

RadioCIAMS with Ben Arbuckle

On March 17, 2015, Benjamin Arbuckle (Anthropology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) met a panel of CIAMS students (John Gorczyk, Perri Gerard-Little, Kathryn Weber, Nils Niemeier) and faculty (Nerissa Russell) in the LOL to discuss Neolithic animal economies in SW Asia and ‘big data’ projects generally. He also gave a CIAMS Lecture the evening prior and a CIAMS Workshop on ‘Big Data’ projects on the 17th. Arbuckle’s research addresses topics ranging from the origins and spread of domestic livestock in the Neolithic to the social and economic uses of animals in early complex societies. He directs the ‘Central Anatolian Pastoralism Project,’ and has worked at Çadır Höyük, Acemhöyük, Köşk Höyük, and Direkli Mağarası (all in Turkey). The hour-long discussion opens below.

RadioCIAMS with Matt Johnson

On March 13, 2015  Matthew Johnson (Anthropology, Northwestern University) met a panel of CIAMS students (Sam Barber, Jenna Bittenbender, Kathryn Weber, Eilis Monahan) and faculty (Adam Smith, Chris Monroe) prior to his public talk for the Anthropology Colloquium to discuss phenomenological approaches in British landscape archaeology and the case of Bodiam Castle. The wide-ranging discussion responded to Matt’s chapter in The Public Value of the Humanities (2012), his 2011 paper in Annual Review of Anthropology , and current issues in global heritage preservation in the wake of destruction carried out by the Islamic State. The full 57 minute conversation opens in the audio stream below.

RadioCIAMS with Liz Robinson

On February 10, 2015 Binghamton University archaeologist Elizabeth Robinson met with a panel of CIAMS students (Jess Pfundstein, Liana Brent, Nils Niemeier, and Tim Sorg) and CIAMS Director Sturt Manning to discuss her lecture the evening prior and a forthcoming work on the role of local women in the integration of Larinum (Italy) into the Roman state. The recorded discussion of about an hour opens with the link below.

RadioCIAMS with Peter van Dommelen 

On November 15, 2014, Professor of Archaeology and Anthropology Peter van Dommelen (Brown University) presented “Connected Communities: Undocumented Migration and Material Practices in the West Mediterranean” and joined a panel of CIAMS faculty (Sturt Manning and Chris Monroe) and students (Bonnie Etter, Perri Gerard-Little, Katie Kearns, Julia Gruhot, and Nils Niemeier) the morning of Nov 6 for a panel discussion about his talk and related articles (van Dommelen 2014 in World Archaeology, and introduction to Cabana and Clark eds. 2011). Dr. van Dommelen carries out fieldwork on Sardinia, concentrating on landscapes, colonialism and connectivity in the 1st millennium BCE. The recorded discussion of about 53 minutes duration opens below.

RadioCIAMS with Shelley Wachsmann 

On November 12, 2014 Texas A&M University nautical archaeologist Shelley Wachsmann met with a panel of students (Brita Lorentzen, Carrie Fulton,  Xan Stepp) and faculty (Sturt Manning, Chris Monroe) to discuss deep-submergence archaeology and the overland, ritualized transport of ships in antiquity.  The panel prepared by reading Dr. Wachsmann’s chapter in the Oxford Handbook of Maritime Archaeology and attending his AIA lecture the evening prior. The recorded conversation of around 53 minutes opens in the link below.

RadioCIAMS with Nadine Moeller

On October 6, 2014, Dr. Nadine Moeller (Associate Professor of Egyptian Archaeology at the Oriental Institute, Chicago) presented “The context of the Khayan sealings from Tell Edfu: Chronological and historical implications for the Second Intermediate Period in Egypt,"  and participated in a CIAMS podcast the following morning. The student panel was composed of Eilis Monahan, Jess Pfundstein, Katie Kearns, Bill Mastandrea, and Freddy Loew. They asked questions about the lecture and a related article in Near Eastern Archaeology 75.2  (2012).  CIAMS Director Sturt Manning introduced our guest, and Cornell Egyptologist Caitie Barrett was also on the panel. Dr. Moeller has been directing the Tell Edfu Project since 2001, and has excavated in Egypt at Abu Raswash, Memphis, Zawiet Sultan (Zawiet el-Meitin), Theban West Bank, Valley of the Kings, Dendera and Elephantine. The recorded discussion opens below.

RadioCIAMS with Jennifer Birch

On September 12, 2014 University of Georgia Assistant Professor Jennifer Birch met with a panel of CIAMS students (Perri Gerard-Little, Cynthia Kocik, and Samantha Sanft) and Cornell anthropologist Kurt Jordan to discuss recent research on Northern Iroquoian societies. The link below opens the audio recording of the discussion.

RadioCIAMS with Glenn Schwartz

On March 26, 2014 Glenn Schwartz (Johns Hopkins U. Prof. of Near Eastern Studies) met with CIAMS students Asa Cameron, Eilis Monahan, Jeff Leon, and Kathryn Weber to talk about excavations at Tell Umm el-Marra in western Syria, which have exposed a large funerary complex of rich tombs associated with local rulers in the Early Bronze Age period of Syria’s first urban civilization, ca. 2500-2100 BC.  We also discussed the piece Schwartz co-authored with Sebastian Heath (ISAW) on ‘Legal Threats to Cultural Exchange of Archaeological Materials’ (American Journal of Archaeology 2009). The full recording of the discussion opens below.

RadioCIAMS with Shannon Dawdy 

On March 14, 2014 University of Chicago archaeologist Shannon Dawdy spoke with a panel of CIAMS students (Nick Lashaway, Katie Kearns, Cindy Kocik, Perri Gerard-Little) and faculty (Kurt Jordan, Adam Smith) about two of her provocative articles, ‘Clockpunk Anthropology and the Ruins of Modernity’ (Current Anthropology 51(6):761-793) and ‘Millennial Archaeology: Locating the Discipline in the Age of Insecurity/Doomsday Confessions’ (Archaeological Dialogues 16(2): 131-142, 186-193). The full recorded discussion opens below.

RadioCIAMS with Joanna Sofaer

On Thurs Feb 27, 2014, Joanna Sofaer (University of Southampton) discussed her work on osteoarchaeology, materiality, and gender with a panel of CIAMS students (Betty Hensellek, Alex Marko, Liana Brent, John Gorcyzk) and faculty respondent, Nerissa Russell (ANTH). Recorded , 4:30 pm in the Landscapes and Objects Lab (LOL, 125 McGraw).  Listen here: