Sturt Manning

Distinguished Professor of Arts and Sciences in Classical Archaeology


Research Interests and Activities:

Aegean, Cypriot, Anatolian and east Mediterranean archaeology, classical archaeology

Complex societies, state formation and interactions

Dendrochronology/Dendroarchaeology, Radiocarbon dating and analysis - Mediterranean-Near East, N. America, Mexico and China

Climate (palaeoclimate) and archaeology/history

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Research Focus

  • Aegean Prehistory, Archaeological fieldwork (survey and excavation), Archaeological theory, Classical archaeology, Cypriot Prehistory, East Mediterranean Prehistory, e.g. landscapes, cultural connections, trade, art, chronology, and identities in Aegean, Cypriot and east Mediterranean prehistory
  • Archaeological science, Dendrochronology, Dendrochemistry, Dendroclimatology, Environmental and climate change science, Radiocarbon calibration and archaeological dating - east Mediterranean, Near East, North America, Mexico and China



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