CIAMS Congratulates 2024 Graduates

Congratulations to the CIAMS 2024 graduates! Cornell's 2024 Commencement Ceremonies took place on the weekend of May 26-27th, during which this year's graduates were able to celebrate their hard-earned accomplishments.

CIAMS Affiliated PhD students

Rebecca Gerdes (pictured right), Ph.D. in Classical Archaeology. Her dissertation is entitled: "Assessing the use of organic residue analysis to investigate plant oils in the Late Bronze Age eastern Mediterranean: An environmentally and archaeologically contextualized approach."

Annapaola Passerini (pictured left), Ph.D. in Anthropology. Her dissertation is entitled: "From Order to Narrative: Assembling Eventfulness through Bayesian Chronologies. A view from the early Bronze Age Caucasus."

Mary Danisi (August Conferral), Ph.D. in Classical Archaeology. Her dissertation is entitled: "Crafting the Cosmos: Fillets and Ritual Adornment in Ancient Greek Religion." 

Evan Allen (August Conferral), Ph.D. in History of Art. His dissertation is entitled: "Meaning in the Making. Epistemologies of Production in the Art of Roman Wall Painting."

Tyler Wolford, Ph.D. in Medieval Studies. His dissertation is entitled: "Mountain Resilience: Settlement on Mounts Latros and Mykale in Middle Byzantine Western Asia Minor"

CIAMS MA Students

Nikhil Arolkhar, MA degree with CIAMS. His thesis is entitled: "Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveys in the Upper Robert H. Treman State Park, New York."

Liming Gao, MA degree with CIAMS. His thesis is entitled: “Exploring the Interplay of Religious and Worldly Dynamics through the Development of the Dunhuang Grottos."

Kathryn Hall, MA degree with CIAMS. Her thesis is entitled: "Violent and Vulnerable Bodies: Negotiations of Mycenaean Warrior Ideology in Mortuary and Iconographic Contexts."

Skyler Jackim, MA degree with CIAMS. Her thesis is entitled: "Invisible Violence at Tell el-Amarna: A Call for an Expansion of the Structural Violence Framework in Bioarchaeology."

Andrea Mauri, MA degree with CIAMS. Her thesis is entitled: "Expansionist Theater: Inca Capacocha Processions and the Sound of Empire."

Tara Morgan, MA degree with CIAMS. Her thesis is entitled: “The Romanization of Britain Through Garden Plants.” 

Lizzette Soto, (August conferral), MA degree with CIAMS. Her thesis is entitled "Uncovering Communities of Practice in the Valle de Naco, Honduras”.  

Madeline Topor, MA degree with CIAMS. Her thesis is entitled: "Space, Place, and Memory: Social and Symbolic Meaning in the Central Court at Knossos."

MyKayla Williamson (August Conferral), MA degree with CIAMS. Her thesis is entitled, "And the Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail: A Look at Clandestine Communities of Liberation via Fort Mose and the St. James AME Zion Church in Ithaca, New York."

Archaeology Majors

Our graduating seniors with a major in Archaeology are: Liam Aguirre-Stanton, Berenika Prasad, Ruth Rajcoomar, and Milan Taylor.

Archaeology Minors

Our graduating seniors with a minor in archaeology are: Jillian Beck, Jared Brown, Sara Handerhan, Rainey Oldfield, Emily Shapland, and Mary Winnicki.

We at CIAMS are very proud of our recent graduates and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors!

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Annapaola Passerini and Rebecca Gerdes at Cornell's 2024 Graduation Ceremonies