Study abroad students taste Cambodian culture

The Cornell Chronicle has written an article featuring Cornell Institute of Archaeology and Material Studies (CIAMS) affiliated faculty member Magnus Fiskesjö's class on heritage, archaeology and repatriation. This class is part of Cornell Winter Program in Cambodia and featured a trip abroad to Cambodia. The article features students' experiences and highlights the collaborative nature of this dynamic course. Fiskesjö is quoted in the article discussing the objecives of the course. "The main focus of these few weeks,” said Fiskesjö, “has been to gain an insight into Cambodia’s heritage and what it means today. Students visited the ruins of the ancient capital of Angkor and other sites, including some bombed by the U.S. when the Vietnam war expanded into Cambodia.” To read more about the students' experience find the orginal article here

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Cambodia winter program students with archaeology expert Ea Darith at the southern entrance to Angkor.